Intuitive healer, Coach
& Qigong teacher

Becoming Katara Sky is my journey of embodiment and expression of my soul powered purpose. I dare to dream and express all that I AM. I’d love to help YOU to Activate the Power of Who You BE.

Explore,Heal, Expand with me.

  • Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT)
  • Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH)
  • Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt)
  • Counsellor | Diploma of Counselling, Australia
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner & Health Coach | The FourWinds Society Light Body School
  • Shamanic Craftswoman | School of Shamanic Womancraft
  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner | OneTribe Shamanic School
  • Reiki & Seichim Master | Healings Hands of Light
  • QiGong Teacher | Sifu Ludovic Initiation into Hermetics
  • White Tiger QiGong Instructor | 5 Elements 8 Trigram, 5 Animals
  • Yoga Teacher & Facilitator | Vinyasa, Yin, Pregnancy Yoga, Total Yoga Nidra

Becoming Katara Sky continues to be a life quest to be my fullest expression

More about me

My offerings have been born out of my own pathways of searching for more truth in meaning for myself and for humanity. What I know of myself continues to evolve, I find new maps and ways to explore self. 

What I know is there are many paths to find our true self, and that’s why I emphasize that we enjoy our questing, we follow our curiosity and remain open. We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience… and part of that is the learning and karma that we have chosen to come into this life to learn in.

Heeding the call to adventure led me to wander…

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada – to immigrant and hard working parents from China. As a child, I wasn’t too far off from the classic stereotype of being the ‘smart’ Asian kid in class, complete with glasses and braces for about all of my high school life. My humble and devoted parents chose summer school and Saturday Chinese classes, rather than playdates and parties for me: I didn’t know what fun or play meant. My childhood probably didn’t allow for much of my creative expressions; I was raised to value being more ‘useful’, ‘smart’ or even ‘obedient.‘ My brother and I were often caught in my parent’s drama. I wouldn’t know it then, but childhood was indeed the source of many limiting programs and beliefs I had about life.

I had this insatiable need (and wound) to prove “I was enough”. Even after completing business school and becoming a qualified chartered accountant, I still didn’t feel like I was enough.

I did choose to follow a call to adventure – that was a massive decision for me back in 2010l I actively looked for a “different” life experience, and chose to take a job in the Middle East. It’s now been 10+ years, I have lived across three continents and travelled 65+ countries – only to realise (a few years ago) I was still living with the very expectations, responsibilities and stifling childhood traumas I wanted to escape from. My wanderlusting across the world didn’t help me escape the limiting and conditioned beliefs that I was still not ‘enough’.

On the outside though, I was seemingly successful and happy. I was in a long term meaningful relationship, my career did blossom with many opportunities: I even made it to a Chief Financial Officer role in an European airline. However, it was this ‘peak’ of external success that seemed to make it even more glaringly obvious that my internal world. was NOT feeling this success. I suffered from inner emptiness, lack of purpose, and feeling disempowered and just disconnected.

I AM Katara Sky

Despite wanting to stay ‘at the top’, this time marked the beginning of a descent into myself – a descent into the deep discovery of who I really was. I could feel the fire, the hunger and search for purpose and meaning.

The answers were becoming more clear.

When I started to get into all the cracks and seams of who I thought I was, I realised I  could never crawl back to where I started from if I wanted to grow. I was undoing heaps of unconscious programming and unraveling whole networks of belief systems.  The more I learned about myself and the world, it was obvious I knew nothing!

I’ve met Fear & Resistance multiple times (and I still do). They are useful guides that help me navigate through “Hell yeah, no one can stop me on my path!” versus “I’m not going to make it, this is too much for me to bite off.”

As expected from my Aries’ nature and in my triple fire sign fashion, I plowed through self-development books, courses and experiences. I couldn’t lap it up fast enough. In a seemingly short time of a few years, synchronicities and things aligned for me to complete 3700+ hours of learning from teachers and masters. I am truly humbled to know I will always be a student to what the Universe has to teach me.

By 2020 when co-v*d began, it was another another period of intense soul searching. If I missed the first time I had a big awakening, then this time it came around again in a way I couldn’t miss. I had to respond over and over again to looking at unpretty truths about myself and the world. 

It was upheaval after crisis, grief after trauma, sprinkled with finding soul love and reconnection which was a shining light in all this deep plunge into darkness.

Every training led me more to a better version of me. It all came together when I started to learn about the Hermetic Principles and Universal Laws that I could really grasp why these were the keys to self mastery. I could put the pieces together in tangible, logical and a process driven way to apply the energies of the Universe to work for me (rather than against me).

I learned to awaken my inner power, cultivate and draw in Universal power to fuel my path of higher potential and more purposeful living. I want to help you do the same, Activate the Power Who You BE. If you Power Your Life, you can Power Your Dreams, Change Your Energy, Change Your Life. I know it to be true.

Ethos & Values

Integrity • Humility • Charity

Saying what I mean, meaning what I say. 
Being humble in my service work, and humbled by those who work with me.
Sharing without withholding, I see the master & teacher in you already.

Evolution • Courage • Sacredness

Striving for growth and continuous expansion towards higher consciousness. 
May courage and bravery guide right choice and right action. 
Honoring the sacredness of life – every moment, embodying a spiritual life.
Shifting away from a paradigm of just attaining spiritual experiences.

Freedom • Openness • Acceptance

Reclaiming personal and soul sovereignty, freedom to be in our self & soul mastery.
Maintaining playful innocence and an open mind. 
To see, know, accept things as they are. To acknowledge, but release resistance.

Harmony • Compassion • Love

Living harmoniously in the interconnected web of relations, community and tribe.
Holding space with heart, compassion and grace, may it be grounded with honor.
Anchoring ALL with the intention of the highest level of unconditional love.

I invite you to be brave, what is possible for your highest evolutionary path?

When I was young, I used to admire people with luxuries and success. But now, I admire people who are devoted to truthseeking, making their dreams come true, committing to personal development, sharing their gifts, and those who take responsibility in being part of this collective to co- create a better world for us and generations to come.

I am humbled to be part of your evolutionary journey. I want to hear your stories, and I want to walk alongside you to help us all to remember our true selves and to co-create together.

Let’s do it.