Soul mentor, coach weaver of dreams, integrative counsellor 

I wasn’t always connected to the spiritual, the mystical and the mysteries.
Becoming Katara Sky is my reclamation of sovereignty and daring to dream and express myself. I am creating and birthing myself and my soul expressions every conscious moment.

Dream with me.

  • Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT)
  • Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH)
  • Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt)
  • Counsellor | Diploma of Counselling, Australia
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner & Health Coach | The FourWinds Society Light Body School
  • Shamanic Craftswoman | School of Shamanic Womancraft
  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner | OneTribe Shamanic Healing School
  • Reiki & Seichim Master | Healings Hands of Light
  • White Tiger QiGong Instructor | 5 Elements 8 Trigram, 5 Animals
  • Yoga Teacher & Facilitator | Vinyasa, Yin, Pregnancy Yoga, Total Yoga Nidra

My own path of self acceptance and embodied expression is Becoming Katara Sky

More about me

My offerings are born out of my own soul journey and search for answers. This spiral path uncovers more meaning each time, an incenscendent journey (one that deepens!) inwards. Each time around the cycle I get a more embodied expression of my soul purpose and blueprint, I feel expanded and grateful.

Preparation • Spring • Birth and Beginnings

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada – to immigrant and hard working parents from China. As a child, I wasn’t too far off from the classic stereotype of being the ‘smart’ Asian kid in class, complete with glasses and braces for about all of my high school life. My humble and devoted parents chose summer school and Saturday Chinese classes, rather than playdates and parties for me: I didn’t know what fun or play meant. My childhood probably didn’t allow for much of my creative expressions; I was raised to value being more ‘useful’, ‘smart’ or even ‘obedient.‘ My brother and I were often caught in my parent’s drama. I wouldn’t know it then, but childhood was indeed the source of some limiting programs and beliefs I had about life.

I had this insatiable need (and wound) to prove “my enoughness”. Even after completing business school and being a qualified chartered accountant, I still didn’t feel like it WAS enough.

In hindsight, I probably could have been asking myself some of life bigger questions: 

What dreams do I really have?
Am I willing to deeply listen, and step out into the world to figure out who I really am?
Who am I really, and more importantly – what are my own truths and way of seeing the world?

I did choose to follow a call to adventure, and that was a massive decision for me.

In 2010, I actively looked for a “different” life experience, and chose to find a job in the Middle East. It’s now been 10+ years, I’d lived across three continents and travelled 65+ countries – only to realise (a few years ago) I was still living with the very expectations, responsibilities and stifling childhood traumas I wanted to escape from. My wanderlusting across the world didn’t help me escape the limiting and conditioned beliefs that I was still not ‘enough’.

Transformation • Summer •Rising to full bloom

On the outside though, I was seemingly successful and happy. I was in a long term meaningful relationship, my career did blossom with many opportunities: I even made it to a Chief Financial Officer role in a European airline. However, it was this ‘peak’ of external success that seemed to make it even more glaringly obvious that my internal world NOT feeling this success. I suffered from inner emptiness, lack of purpose, and an inability to trust my relationship (and myself).

Despite wanting to stay ‘at the top’, this time marked the beginning of a descent into myself – a descent into the deep discovery of who I really was. I could feel the fire, the hunger and search for purpose and meaning. I had even bigger questions now:

Who would I be if I were not ‘this’, or doing what I’m doing now?
What would happen if I left everything I ever knew and I am not who I am now?
How do I feel about “leaving things behind” as i know it and step into the unknown?

The answers were becoming more clear.

When the deepening into my soul began, I can’t ever crawl back to where I started. I can’t unsee or unlearn truths about myself. The more I learned about myself and the world, it was obvious I knew nothing!

I’ve met Fear multiple times (and I still do). Fear is a useful guide that shows me the difference between feeling “Hell yeah, no one can stop me on my path!” versus “I’m not going to make it, this is too much for me to bite off.”

As expected from my Aries’ nature and in my triple fire sign fashion, I plowed through self-development books, courses and experiences, In a seemingly short time of a few years, synchronicities and timings aligned for me to complete 1000+ hours of learning from teachers and I am truly a student in the ceremony of modern day life.

Fulfilment •Autumn • Descent &Re-seeding

By 2020 when the portal of co-v*d began, it might have taken me into another dark night of the soul. If I missed the first one, then this time it came around again in a way I couldn’t miss. I answered the call of listening deeper to my soul again and again, I had a lot to let go of – literally and energetically. I experienced massive soul initiations, activations, I spent a lot of this time looking like I was ‘not doing much’ and navigating cautiously around dense and controlling energies. 

It was upheaval after crisis, grief after trauma, sprinkled with finding soul love and reconnection which was a shining light in all this deep soul seeking.

It was my connection to the Spirit (or you might this God, the Universe, Prime Creator etc.) and my spiritual practice that kept me centered and faithful. Like awakening from a deep slumber, it was a slow process to learn my sacred wounds, are also my teachers and lessons. My healing journey finally got to a place where I could start seeing the gifts of my wounds. Pieces of the puzzle start making sense of why I had the path I had, what my stories of challenges and tribulations mean, and where I transform my lessons learnt into wisdom. This is the harvest and finally getting to enjoy the fruits of my healing.

I think ‘healers’ can be seen as very skilled facilitators, helping someone navigate through similar journeys. That’s definitely the way I see it…  I feel I help people transform the same stories I had of ‘not being enough’, ‘not lovable’, ‘not safe’ and all those core illusions… so that you too can express your unique magickal self. I feel I help people embark on this soul seeking journey, to spark their connection with Spirit and cultivate it because it’s from this connection the deep soul longing and dreams are heard. I will keep harvesting wisdom and learnings, I ask myself:

What gifts have I found, and how can I bring that back to share with others?
How can I best serve myself and my community?
What am I seeding for the next cycle?

Integration • Winter • Death and Endings

Endings simply signify new beginnings await. It’s also part of nature’s cycle.

I want to end my story (for now) by introducing you to the medicine and teachings of the Phoenix. It will now have been 2 decades when I consciously brought her into awareness, I felt this strong urge to get a Phoenix tattoo. Even then when I wasn’t walking this spiritual path yet, I loved symbolism and did know what Phoenix typically represented. I felt a strong inner knowing and innately knew there was some deeper reason about this tattoo.

Her medicine has guided me through the dying and rebirthing of myself over these years. It felt like a continuous process where each change might have been small. On the whole however, it’s been a complete transformation – which is what happens when all else before it is obliterated and obsolete. 

I feel I know this process intimately; the descent into meeting the soul is like following the archetypal transformation cycle of the Phoenix into the portals of birth and living, death and dying.

Maybe think of the journey like growing pains. It can be a rough ride, the journey has thrown me around, it’s thrown everything I thought I knew out the window while I was transforming. I will use the cliché quote :Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” 

When cycles come to a close, I ask myself: 

Can I honour the winter, the dead, what is no longer and can I be comfortable here?
Can I surrender to the void and discomfort of the unknown once again?
Am I willing to journey to even deeper depths?
Is there more?


Live with Connection

I honor my place in the collective Sacred Dream, I know we are dreamweaving our stories, our meaning, medicine and magick. Our place of belonging is easier to find as we develop our connection to Self, to Nature and all our relations(hips).

Embrace Higher Wisdom

I embrace intuition, innate intelligence, the wisdoms that flows through our blood, ancestors and spiritual lineages. I trust my Higher Self, all the answers I seek are all within.

Embody Compassion

I practice compassion and hold deep respect and reverence for myself and other Soulseekers on their individual journeys. I am only a fellow journeyer, we are exactly at the right and divine place.

Cultivate Harmony

I go with the ebbs and flows in the cycle of life, cultivating harmony at each stage of the journey. I trust the cyclic wisdom and embody grace in this continuous balancing act.

Lead with Integrity

I lead with integrity and celebrate the embodiment of authenticity. I value self-responsibility, living one’s truth and leading by example.

I invite you to be brave, be courageous, be willing to ask the big questions.

Moreover, can you be ready to receive sacred responses from Source and re-member the magnificence that you already are?

When I was young, I used to admire people with luxuries and success. But now, I admire people who are devoted to living their sacred dreams, honoring their soul work, sharing their gifts, and who take responsibility in being part of this collective to co- create a better world for us.

In this current expression of my light, I am humbled to be a bridge, helping you connect with the meaning, medicine and magick of your life stories. I want to hear your story, and I want to walk alongside you, brother, sister, to rewrite and co-create stories together. Hear your highest destiny call, together we journey to sacred purpose and sacred dreams.

Aho and blessed be.