The sessions made me feel very aligned, that I’m on the right path. It helped me walk with more confidence and understand why I feel the way I feel.
Kayla Arnold
Bali, Indonesia
The time working with Kat, the medicine that she is and the medicine that she walks, is nothing short of transformational, magickal.
Nick Lawson
Mullumbimby, Australia
Kat is not only my shamanic sister, she’s also my shamanic healer for when I need a deeper healing. She’s a very open, clear channel.
Sarah Diamond
Sydney, Australia
A large part of me is skeptical about this work, but it’s really funny – a part of me isn’t. There’s this barrier that Kat helped dissolve.
Nyarrin Scanlon
Baulkham Hills, Australia
Kat has given me tools to connect with myself better. I’m able to make better decisions that make me live my truth.
Andre Dupont
Montreal, Canada
Patricia O’Hara
Taos, USA
I’d not quite realized how much grief I was in until we began. Kat’s work allowed me not only to discharge that grief but sweep away the debris so that I could fully breathe again. The life affirming suggestions that she gave me was what my own heart/mind had spoken, though somehow she opened them up fully. Her voice and words were so therapeutic that I danced along beside them in trance. She is a true boddhisattva – one who offers whatever good she has to the world. I hope she lets the baby boomers know that she is there – we need her.
Jane Zhou
Sydney, Australia
My session with Katara brought so many pieces of memories and information from my higher self to my awareness! Everything she discovered deeply resonated with me, and has been things I am aware of but have left at the back of my mind. Now it’s a great chance to release any unserving attachments and I’m thankful for her clearing much out for me! Feeling so grounded and still within myself. She is so great at what she do and I really love her straightforwardness. Thank you! I really appreciated her session and our connection.
Ben Wong
Sydney, Australia
Kat was absolutely amazing, from the moment you meet her you feel comfortably welcomed. Her calm energy, but curious connection creates a sense of familiarity. She is so wise, bringing in knowledge, experience and connection to her naturally curated words of wisdom. Despite considering myself a spiritual person, I always hold a little bit of doubt when trying these sort of things as there are a lot of phonies out there. Kat is truly authentic, she nailed and validated a lot of my personal beliefs and unearthed others.
Raja Khan
Bodrum, Turkey
The experience was deeply insightfully and I was pleasantly impressed with the accuracy of Katara’s channeling abilities – WOW!… She walked me through every step into an etheric state that I felt comfortable as if she held my hand through the process which was nothing short of magical and insightful. Her wisdom and channeled guidance has fine tuned the clarity and direction I was seeking. My warmest appreciation and respect for a gifted guide and Soul-sister.
Kate Francis
Baulkham Hills, Australia
Katara has a gentle aura and gifted ability to guide us through our soul searching and soul enhancing journeys. I especially appreciated her elaboration of the Hero’s Journey [in her Exploring Your Hero’s Journey course] and how, with awareness, we can accept that we may be experiencing different stages of that journey in key areas of our lives concurrently.