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Self Mastery is Knowing Thyself

There are as infinite a number of ways to know your true self as there are stars in the sky. I like to use “maps” as a tool and way to understand and explore more meaning and purpose in how you live. Whether we look at your hero’s journey, the wheel of life and rites of passage or what archetypal energies you embody, we find pathways to accessing more of your potential and expression.

‘Maps’ allow us to explore the multi-faceted nature we are, there likely just isn’t ONE map that tells the whole story. Choosing someone to work with is akin to having a guide in exploring a certain map to know thyself. 

There isn’t an end point, it’s about the journey. Knowing all you BE is like a spiralling walk to your centre that deepens each time. 


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the door sill Where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

– Rumi

Start now

Will you go through the door to uncover who you really are?

If your answer is yes,
it’s time to get on the path of your highest potential!

Be inspired

Action without vision just passes time

Take action

A vision without action is merely a dream

Be the change

Vision with action can change the world.

Bespoke personal journeys [online]

One on one work

Let me be your guide...

1: 1 Soul Session

I am ready to align to more inner truth and power

This is for you if:  

  • You want work 1 on 1 together, you’re ready to receive the next piece of your self and soul development 
  • You are open to connecting with your spiritual family to receive higher perspective insights and healing
  • Inclusive of all modalities and techniques, including intuitive readings, shamanic therapy, qigong + energy healing, light language activations, galactic heritage reading, etc. 

Alchemy Program

I am ready to deep dive into my transformation

This is for you if: 

Bespoke to your intentions for self & soul development. We work together exploring your psycho spiritual self and navigate towards your highest potential timeline. Usually suggested to follow a 1 on 1 session. Includes:

  • 6x 1 on 1 sessions inclusive of teachings, activations, coaching and all modalities 
  • 1 bonus session (to gift a friend or for yourself)
  • Various recorded attunement meditations for you to keep
  • Eligible for access to ongoing private community of students to support and amplify your integration

Soul work and coaching to deep dive into awakening all parts of you:

An intimate focus on your life stories, soul contracts and current lessons by exploring yourself through various maps of the psyche and soul

Working through the conscious + unconscious blocks and resistances towards what you dream of and desire

Connection to your higher self, cosmic team to receive insights, activations and teachings to help you reach higher potential

I want you to really pause and reflect why you started to look here and ask yourself what you’re really looking for… because that will help you decide if you want to work with me.

  • What are you curious about in the first place? (trust the resonance or feelings you get even if it’s not logical)
  • What is the desired outcome you want to have? (intention is everything, otherwise why bother have a guide?)
  • Are you willing do the hard work, get uncomfortable and let yourself grow? (We don’t grow in the comfort zone, and I won’t just tell you the things you want to hear)
  • Are you committed to bringing your vision to reality (or do you just want to kick the tires and ‘try something’?)

Why work with me?

  • I teach practical magick, inner alchemy and pragmatically how we use and apply universal laws to create our best life. (It’s the most efficient way.) 
  • I’ll be real with you, I treat you like a fellow teacher and leader. I’ll say it like it is but with love and compassion
  • I work with integrity, open heart and open minded, the same as I expect of those who work with me. 
  • I walk the talk and do my own inner work. That’s how I can show up authentically because ‘I’ve been there, still doing it,  right with you. I’m human too.

Group Journeys [online]


Join me in upcoming events!

Self & Soul Development

I am ready to participate and engage with a spiritually focused community 

Various live and on demand workshops and courses to guide your soul exploration. 

  • Intuition and Psychic Development
  • Introduction to QiGong
  • …and more to come

You are so supported by the collective. 

there are many many others like who are also seeking for answers and more truth and purpose in their life. 

Teachings, activations and coaching in a sacred group & healing space:

Interactive learning alongside others in community and kinship

Collective healing and teaching; feel witnessed and supported in your journey

Embrace the power and potency of group energy, hearing your voice and stories reflected back to you

Form a sacred circle of 2-5 of your soulseeker friends!

Be empowered to take responsibility for your choices and life. You have the creative power and create the life you desire. It’s about embodying more of your true self (not needing to just do more).

The path is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.


A loving self transformation begins here…

ALIGN | Presencing What Shows Up

The art of of truly being in the NOW is all we really have.
Being present allows you to notice what is arising now, what’s affecting you now?

We cultivate consciousness by continuously expanding our awareness to the next edge. We continuously choose which energies we seek to align and create more harmonic resonances.  
Everything begins with aligning to the right questions, so that we are seeking right answers and
right action in order to move to the next phase.

TRANSFORM | Walking into the Fire Unabashedly

In the processes of soul inquiry, socratic questioning and deep listening to your inner wisdoms, activations to radical transformation are possible, you will truly understand this is a free-will universe.

We practice the art of walking into the unknown with more courage. We learn to embrace the realms of dream, intuition, mystery, death & rebirth, the mystic, mythic and the magick. We remember the truth that we can change energy, we can change our life and we are extraordinary beings.

EVOLVE | Embodiment of Grace & Compassion

Encouraging the spirit of un-learning, unwinding, remembering and re-learning with trust in sacred timing and purpose.  You are exactly where you need to be, as are others. 

You are able to hold even greater capacity for healing and personal growth because you have a gracious approach towards yourself (and others) in the process of the collective unfolding and r/evolution. Everyone has their part to play, you take responsibility for your role. 


The scope of services provided includes Clinical Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Energy Healing including Reiki, Spiritual Counselling + Coaching, Qi Gong (Energy training) and Meditation. I draw upon holistic, spiritual and evidence based techniques across these disciplines, from industry and personal experience. You can read more about me here.

Yes, all my sessions are conducted online. If you are in my local area, please stay in touch via social media and my email list for in person workshops and events.

Yes. Sessions are of course different in person, as we are in physical and sacred space together, but they are not ‘better’.

Trust yourself in how it feels when you are reviewing my website /content / photos. It is absolutely conveying an energy and intention that is beyond your conscious mind.  I have often chosen to work with my own practitioners and healers simply by looking at them and trusting my intuition. I believe that choosing someone to work with is a very personal choice and it all comes down to your resonance with my message and energy. Watch my talk on Ep 5 How to Choose Your Healer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor…

Yes, please start with a 1 on 1 session. The soul journey isn’t a one hit session wonder (even though you may get deep healing); we decide together the best path to support where you are and what you’re working on. 

One of the things I’m NOT, is dogmatic. I am a believer that we must all find and stand in our spiritual truths. In application and alignment to universal laws, one can also more easily align to their own personal truths & expression. I suggest that people can take the best and leave the rest. No two practitioners are alike, we are influenced by our spiritual maturity, genetics and environment. 

I have many new truthseekers who have never done this kind of work and are drawn to me because of my corporate and practical background. Others are healers or practitioners themselves for decades. If you’re drawn to work with me, listen to your own intuition and guidance. 

Results will vary is the honest answer. You are the creator of your destiny, you will choose your rate of transformationand whether you can release on your resistances. You will get what you need. 🙂