There are beginnings and ends, birth is as sure as death, this is the archetypal transformation cycle. The spiral journey invites you to be present with where you are now.

and if you don’t know where to start, watch the masterclass first!

Cyclic wisdom

Nature is cyclic. Even if the sun and moon rises each day, it is never the same day is it. Some Springs seem slower starts; some summers are hotter than others; some harvests are more bountiful; some endings just have more to let go of.

And these cycles also apply to the seasons of our life. There is the rising and falling energies in each concentric circle and cycle. We are all following the archetypal transformation cycle of birth and death, an alchemical process along the way of continuously dying and rebirthing ourselves.

We cannot fight it. The more we understand the cycle, the more we can be conscious of living in harmony and in flow with the cycles. Let us experience death and birth and transform story by story.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the door sill Where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

– Rumi

Start now

Will you go through the door, the door to meeting your soul?

If your answer is yes, it’s this simple:


Be present with your story, ask the right questions to get into what is going on now, how are you wanting things to be different?


Be ready to feel the feels, to receive the insights, healings and teachings to help you move through.


Be willing to take inspired action to embody and integrate.

Right now, this starts with choosing how you want to journey together

Tailored personal journeys

One on one work

Therapeutic soul work and mentoring sessions to deep dive into your life stories:

Intimate, focused attention on your life story and journey

Assistance through the healing you need a hand with

Get the shamanic, intuitive and higher perspective

What’s your Soulseeker journey experience?


I have hope and I need some acute help on my story right now

1 x one on one session


I am devoted to transforming my life story and uncovering my sacred dreams.

7 month transformation program.

  • One on One sessions + mentoring
  • Journey to meet your spirit guide(s)
  • Lunar Ceremonies
  • Medicine of the Elements course

Moon Magick chaser

I am committed to making a change and daring to dream bigger again.

4 week taste of magick program

  • One on One sessions + mentoring
  • Journey to meet your spirit guide(s)


I know the soulseeker is there in you. This is for you if:

You are ready to listen deeply to your soul, to ACTIVATE the connection to your true self and to your gifts

You are willing to face your shadows, to embrace personal growth to TRANSFORM to a better version of you

You can welcome compassion and loving space for yourself to CALIBRATE changes with grace

You want to take inspired actions to INTEGRATE and embody your gifts


You might not want to do the deep soul work if:

  • You are not prepared to choose change and or want something different.


  • You are not willing to do the inner work


  • You are not open to a spiritual and heart based path to solutions.

  • You are not ready to actually take actions

Sacred Circle Group Journeys

Group work

Community and connection in sacred circle work, wisdom teachings and storytelling in ceremonial and healing space:

Learning alongside others in community and kinship

Collective healing and teaching; feel witnessed in your journey

Embrace the power of group energy and hearing your voice and stories reflected back to you

Form a sacred circle of 2-5 of your soulseeker friends!

Unfortunately there’s no skipping steps or bypassing the process. Be empowered to take responsibility for your choices and life.

If you’re feeling something move inside you but you’re still not quite sure, watch my masterclass on the Pathway to Sacred Dreaming. There are plenty of free resources and ways you can learn more.


I want to help you cultivate this intimate relationship with your soul and with Spirit. The approach comes down to one basic step I follow – which is “open sacred space, connect with Spirit and our guides…” and we will be shown the way in. We lay the foundational intention to call in meaning, medicine and magick and this becomes a solid grounding to begin transforming your stories one at a time.


The process of asking questions of deep soul inquiry helps to bring meaning to why things are happening for us, and not to us! Critical inquiry with the right questions invites you to think about your beliefs and how you came up with them. The universal law of interconnection gives context that everything is interrelated and we are making sense of the stories unfolding.

Start being aware that you are the storyteller.


Medicine is anything that helps you heal, be whole and complete. It might help diagnose, alleviate, cure and prevent all forms of dis-ease. Being a ‘hollow bone’ or vessel means one can allow Spirit and its medicine and expression to flow through.

Expand what you might think medicine is.

It can be all around us – Nature, the healing trees, the elements. It can be in the form of sounds, energy, frequencies – even the right words being said or the analogies and stories that hit home.


Where there were once wounds, they can be rendered sacred when you have received its teaching and through the other end, found your gift to share with the world.

Expressing your magick is a soul embodiment practice.

The soul work continues in the sharing and embodiment (making something visible in the world) of your gifts, where you consciously choose to express yourself. The world needs you and your magick. Expressing your magick is taking your place in the tapestry of the collective sacred dream.


The scope of services provided includes Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Health Coaching. I draw upon holistic, spiritual and evidence based techniques across these disciplines and from industry and personal experience. You can read more about me here.

Shamanism is an umbrella term that refers to a vast collection of practices and beliefs, many of which have to do with divination, spirit communication and magick. It’s ancient wisdom practiced and found across the world on every continent, it is NOT new age. Shamanic practitioners enter altered states of consciousness – at will – to access non ordinary reality and Other realms to acquire knowledge, power, and to help those who want to be helped. Some typical shamanic principles across all traditions include working with spirit guides and allies (you might have heard of animal guides), the interrelatedness of all things, consciousness is primary and there are Other realms (often referred to as Lower, Middle and Upper worlds). Often practitioners have some common tools and techniques that may include drumming, shamanic journeys, divination etc. You can find a lot of information online, no two practitioners are alike, we all channel our unique medicine from Spirit. You can hear a bit more from me About Shamanism

There is no right answer for this! I have many clients who have started their journeys with one off sessions, and I also have a few clients who have been journeying with me for months. I do recommend a series of sessions to start off so you can actually experience a shift and see obvious changes for yourself. The best way to start if you’re not sure is simple to start off with 1 session (my Star-Gazer offer) and we take it from there.

Trust yourself in how it feels when you look at my profile, how I speak or convey messages. I find that choosing someone to work with is a very personal choice and it all comes down to your resonance with my message and energy. Watch my podcast Ep 5 How to Choose Your Healer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor…

If you’re in Sydney, I am open to seeing some clients in person, please just use the contact form to arrange a time and date that works for us. I have regular in person group events, and you can find those here.

Yes they are – there is no difference in how energy moves and works when working online. In fact, sessions can also be over the phone or even remote where the session is done on my end and I share the debrief notes. Sessions are of course different in person, as we are in physical space and environment together, but they are not ‘better’.

Preferably you can find yourself in a space where you will have some privacy and not be disturbed, staying warm and being comfortable is always supportive. Please avoid any alcohol, excessive amounts of caffeine or any stimulants really. You will probably already have an intention in mind of what you want to talk about and work on, but I also have plenty of sessions where we just open sacred space and let Spirit guide the way!

This can be for everyone, beginners and those who have been on the path a long time. Every session is different, and if you’re drawn to work with me, there’s some medicine here for you and it will come through how it needs to for you. Some clients have never done energy work and were drawn to me because of my corporate background, others have been healers or practitioners themselves for decades.

Results will vary and depend on your desired outcomes. Energy medicine and working with Spirit will profoundly shift your relationship with self, with consciousness, with all your relations and often IS measured in qualitative ways before and after.