Strategic Coaching • QiGong & Universal Laws • Energy Cultivation & Healing

Understand the Laws

The Hermetic Principles include 7 of the most important Universal Laws that govern how EVERYTHING works. Unfortunately despite them being well known, true understanding and practical ways to apply them are still limited.

All systems, no matter if they are religious, spiritual, theological, philosophical… if there is no means in which there is an application or way to DO it, then there is likely little practicality, use or impact.

We use QiGong as the vehicle (application) in how to learn, train and apply the Universal Laws to literally create and power the vision of the life you desire. Everything is then up to your (controllable) path of evolution, you choose the rate in which you transform. 

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the door sill Where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

– Rumi

Start now

Will you go through the door to uncover who you really are?

If your answer is yes,
it’s time to get on the path of your highest potential!

Be visionary

Action without vision just passes time

Embody change

A vision without action is merely a dream

Affect others

Vision with action can change the world.

How you want to journey together?

Bespoke personal journeys [online]

One on one work

Soul work and coaching to deep dive into awakening all parts of you:

An intimate focus on your life stories, soul contracts and current lessons by exploring yourself through various maps of the psyche and soul

Working through the conscious + unconscious blocks and resistances towards what you dream of and desire

Connection to your higher self, cosmic team to receive insights, activations and teachings to help you reach higher potential

Activating Your Inner Mystic

Align Package

Self development journey 1 on 1 + group support 

This is for you if:  

  • You want to receive 1 on 1 coaching and learn QiGong to practice inner alchemy & transformation
  • You want to uncover more of your true self, align to a path of Light and how to power your authentic expression
  • You are open to self development and energy healing 
  • Inclusive of all modalities and techniques, $100 discount applied for your FIRST session
  • Eligible for access to live online group meditations and Q&A to amplify your integration

Vital Transformation

Deep Dive Bespoke Personal Program

This is for you if: 

Bespoke to your visionary intentions; explores working on vital, emotional and astral, mental, and etheric levels towards understanding and navigating your self / soul / psyche to your highest purpose. Usually suggested to follow an Initiation Session. Includes:

  • 6x 1 on 1 sessions inclusive of teachings, activations, coaching and all modalities 
  • 1 bonus session (to gift a friend or for yourself)
  • Various recorded attunement meditations for you to keep
  • Grants access to all other retainer programs

Lightworker Program

I am ready to upskill and uplevel my practitioner skills

1 on 1 training program explores self and soul mastery through QiGong. Includes:

  • 25 hours of 1 on 1 teaching through sharing, transmissions and healing experiences
  • QiGong (energy cultivation practices, applied Hermetics) & bespoke coaching

Train yourself at the purest level of Light,

let that power your service work. 

Akashic Records Reading

Insights and spiritual guidance via reading your soul records

This is for you if: 

  • You desire to connect to the library of your soul records to receive insights
  • You have questions to understand current life or past life issues

Transpersonal Counselling

Counselling & Counselling with a soul-centric approach

This is for you if: 

  • You prefer a combination of evidence based approaches (counselling modalities) combined with alternative healing 
  • You have any typical issues or matters that you would ordinarily seek counselling, advice and assistance 

Spiritual Mentoring

Mentoring and healing work through spiritual discovery

This is for you if: 

  • You are on your path of healing, inner work, or you might even be a practitioner and you need someone to help you see your blind spots
  • You are up-leveling and growing, you are looking to go further in your personal and soul development 

Crystal Dragon Activation

Soul activation via crystal dragon heads and channeled messages

This is for you if: 

  • You want to work with actual crystals
  • Receive the encoded crystalline energies to support your current journey


* You can tune into my twice monthly Instagram lives where we work with the energies of the dragon crystals, they are available for re-homing thereafter. 

Ignite Package

I’m curious and I want to get started and get a taste of this soul work

AU$577 for 3 x soul sessions includes

  • Soul healings, intuitive reading and tune into of where you are in your key ‘maps’ including life cycle, soul journey, human design / astrology
  • Initial soul activation and initiation to your key clair-sense(s) and gifts
  • Working on 1 or 2 ‘stories’ and compiling an initial list of where your current Dreaming and soul blocks are

the Goddess Within

I am committed to making change, healing the Feminine and embody all of the Sacred Woman I truly am.

AU$1777 for 3 month program for WOMEN

  • Foundational teachings of soul maps, rituals and practices around inner work
  • Working through women’s mystery teachings including menstrual cycle + blood magick, birth / creation imprints, wounded sisterhood, “red thread” ancestral healing 
  • 3hrs one on one mentoring + inner work
  • Access to Dreamweavers’ Circle 

* Anyone can start here, however you might like to start working one on one first with the Ignite Package. If you’re not sure, book a consultation (above) with me. 

Return of
the Warrior Man

I am committed to making change, healing the Masculine and embody all of the Sacred Man I truly am.

AU$1777 for 3 month program for MEN

  • Foundational teachings of soul maps, rituals and practices around inner work 
  • Working through mystery teachings including living by the cycles, wounded masculine, distortion of His-tory and the patriarchy, “white thread” ancestral healing 
  • 3hrs one on one mentoring + inner work
  • Access to Dreamweavers’ Circle 

* Anyone can start here, however you might like to start working one on one first with the Ignite Package. If you’re not sure, book a consultation (above) with me. 


I know the truthseeker is there in you. This is for you if:

You are to ALIGN to soul & activate your intuition & spiritual gifts

You are willing to embrace personal growth and TRANSFORM to a better you

You want to EVOLVE into a life of Radiance which means living true and authentic


You might not want to journey together if:

  • You are not prepared to choose change and or want something different.
  • You are not willing to do the inner work
  • You are not open to receive new ideas or uncomfortable truths
  • You are not ready to actually take decisions or actions

I want you to really pause and reflect why you started to look here and ask yourself what you’re really looking for… because that will help you decide if you want to work with me.

  • What are you curious about in the first place? (trust the resonance or feelings you get even if it’s not logical)
  • What is the desired outcome you want to have? (intention is everything, otherwise why bother have a guide?)
  • Are you willing do the hard work, get uncomfortable and let yourself grow? (We don’t grow in the comfort zone, and I won’t just tell you the things you want to hear)
  • Are you committed to bringing your vision to reality (or do you just want to kick the tires and ‘try something’?)

Why work with me?

  • I teach practical magick, inner alchemy and pragmatically how we use and apply universal laws to create our best life. (It’s the most efficient way.) 
  • I’ll be real with you, I treat you like a fellow teacher and leader. I’ll say it like it is but with love and compassion
  • I work with integrity, open heart and open minded, the same as I expect of those who work with me. 
  • I walk the talk and do my own inner work. That’s how I can show up authentically because ‘I’ve been there, still doing it,  right with you. I’m human too.

Group Journeys [online - coming soon]

Group work

Teachings, activations and coaching in a sacred group & healing space:

Interactive learning alongside others in community and kinship

Collective healing and teaching; feel witnessed and supported in your journey

Embrace the power and potency of group energy, hearing your voice and stories reflected back to you

Form a sacred circle of 2-5 of your soulseeker friends!

Mystic Dreaming and living a life of continuous spiritual evolution is what I wish for you...

Group mentoring & coaching in sacred circle.

Create your own bespoke group and journey with your friends.

Mystic Dreaming

I am devoted to transforming my life stories and being my highest potential self.

Sacred container for an intimate group of truthseekers. Includes:

  • Group sessions; intuitively channeled content exclusive to group’s energy and soul needs
  • Receive impromptu energy updates and masterclass teachings
  • Preferential pricing for all current online  or in-person offerings
  • Exclusive online community for additional support and continued 1 on 1 access to Katara

Be empowered to take responsibility for your choices and life. You have the creative power and create the life you desire. It’s about embodying more of your true self (not needing to just do more).

The path is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.


A path to loving self transformation begins with these core qualities: 

ALIGN | Presencing What Shows Up

The art of of truly being in the NOW is all we really have.
Being present allows you to notice what is arising now, what’s affecting you now?

We cultivate consciousness by continuously expanding our awareness to the next edge. We continuously choose which energies we seek to align and create more harmonic resonances.  
Everything begins with aligning to the right questions, so that we are seeking right answers and
right action in order to move to the next phase.

TRANSFORM | Walking into the Fire Unabashedly

In the processes of soul inquiry, socratic questioning and deep listening to your inner wisdoms, activations to radical transformation are possible, you will truly understand this is a free-will universe.

We practice the art of walking into the unknown with more courage. We learn to embrace the realms of dream, intuition, mystery, death & rebirth, the mystic, mythic and the magick. We remember the truth that we can change energy, we can change our life and we are extraordinary beings.

EVOLVE | Embodiment of Grace & Compassion

Encouraging the spirit of un-learning, unwinding, remembering and re-learning with trust in sacred timing and purpose.  You are exactly where you need to be, as are others. 

You are able to hold even greater capacity for healing and personal growth because you have a gracious approach towards yourself (and others) in the process of the collective unfolding and r/evolution. Everyone has their part to play, you take responsibility for your role. 


The scope of services provided includes QiGong (energy work), Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Light Healing and Health Coaching. I draw upon holistic, spiritual and evidence based techniques across these disciplines, from industry and personal experience. You can read more about me here.

At this moment yes. Please follow me on Instagram.

Yes. Sessions are of course different in person, as we are in physical and sacred space together, but they are not ‘better’.

Trust yourself in how it feels when you are reviewing my website /content / photos. It is absolutely conveying an energy and intention that is beyond your conscious mind.  I have often chosen to work with my own practitioners and healers simply by looking at them and trusting my intuition. I believe that choosing someone to work with is a very personal choice and it all comes down to your resonance with my message and energy. Watch my talk on Ep 5 How to Choose Your Healer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor…

Yes, please start with the First Session. The soul journey isn’t a one hit session wonder (even though you may get deep healing); we decide together the best path to support where you are and what you’re working on. 

One of the things I’m NOT, is dogmatic. I am a believer that we must all find and stand in our spiritual truths. In application and alignment to universal laws, one can also more easily align to their own personal truths & expression. I suggest that people can take the best and leave the rest. No two practitioners are alike, we are influenced by our spiritual maturity, genetics and environment. 

Everyone is on the soul journey! I have many new soulseekers who have never done this kind of work and are drawn to me because of my corporate and practical background. Others are healers or practitioners themselves for decades. If you’re drawn to work with me, listen to your own intuition and guidance.

Results will vary is the honest answer. You are the creator of your destiny, you will choose your rate of transformationand whether you can release on your resistances. You will get what you need. 🙂