Recognising a greater power and sacredness all around us is what many of us is missing.

watch the masterclass to discover pathways reconnecting to soul and your deepest self.

We are Nature.

My wish for you is for you to truly know live and co-create your world.

We are beings of Nature, living in cycles, moving between concentric circle taking the spiral journey deeper into awakening ourselves. The journey isn’t quite linear though! And we are moving in and out of these levels of awareness constantly..

So the starting place is simply what is present for you? What’s happening for you NOW?

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the door sill Where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

– Rumi

Start now

Will you go through the door, the door to meeting your soul?

If your answer is yes,
it’s time to get on the path of your highest potential!

Be visionary

Action without vision just passes time

Take action

A vision without action is merely a dream

Live with Soul

Vision with action can change the world.

Right now, this starts with choosing how you want to journey together

Tailored personal journeys [online]

One on one work

Soul work and mentoring sessions to deep dive into awakening all parts of you:

An intimate focus on your life story and journey and getting to understand yourself through various maps of the psyche and soul

Working through the conscious and unconscious blocks and resistances to living your highest destiny path

Connecting to each other and the from an intuitive and higher perspective approach. Receive insights, activations and teachings to help you in your journey.

Find yourDreaming, journey with me

Ignite Healing Package

Choose 3 of any of the soul work offering

This is for you if: 

  • You are new to soul work, healing and personal development OR new to working with me 
  • You desire to have different experiences and are committed to creating change for yourself

Past life Regression 

Healing via accessing the sub and superconscious mind

This is for you if: 

  • You want to access deep memories of the past through hypnosis for therapeutic reasons
  • You want to find insights and healing around resistant and consistent current life patterns that keep showing up

Shamanic Energy Healing

Insights and spiritual guidance via shamanic healing

This is for you if: 

  • You want to learn some basics of shamanism and how its techniques are used for healing 
  • You want to journey to the Other worlds, meet your guides and work with Spirit
  • You may want to work with shamanic instruments such as the drum, or rattle

Song Codes for Activation

Healing energy transmissions via meditation and voice

This is for you if: 

  • You want to receive healing energies and soul activations through sound medicine* 
  • You want to be able to listen on your own time or be able to receive the transmission again 
* audio file recording

Akashic Records Reading

Insights and spiritual guidance via reading your soul records

This is for you if: 

  • You desire to connect to the library of your soul records to receive insights
  • You have questions to understand current life or past life issues

Transpersonal Counselling

Counselling & Counselling with a soul-centric approach

This is for you if: 

  • You prefer a combination of evidence based approaches (counselling modalities) combined with alternative healing 
  • You have any typical issues or matters that you would ordinarily seek counselling, advice and assistance 

Spiritual Mentoring

Mentoring and healing work through spiritual discovery

This is for you if: 

  • You are on your path of healing, inner work, or you might even be a practitioner and you need someone to help you see your blind spots
  • You are up-leveling and growing, you are looking to go further in your personal and soul development 

Crystal Dragon Activation

Soul activation via crystal dragon heads and channeled messages

This is for you if: 

  • You want to work with actual crystals
  • Receive the encoded crystalline energies to support your current journey


* You can tune into my twice monthly Instagram lives where we work with the energies of the dragon crystals, they are available for re-homing thereafter. 

Ignite Package

I’m curious and I want to get started and get a taste of this soul work

AU$577 for 3 x soul sessions includes

  • Soul healings, intuitive reading and tune into of where you are in your key ‘maps’ including life cycle, soul journey, human design / astrology
  • Initial soul activation and initiation to your key clair-sense(s) and gifts
  • Working on 1 or 2 ‘stories’ and compiling an initial list of where your current Dreaming and soul blocks are

the Goddess Within

I am committed to making change, healing the Feminine and embody all of the Sacred Woman I truly am.

AU$1777 for 3 month program for WOMEN

  • Foundational teachings of soul maps, rituals and practices around inner work
  • Working through women’s mystery teachings including menstrual cycle + blood magick, birth / creation imprints, wounded sisterhood, “red thread” ancestral healing 
  • 3hrs one on one mentoring + inner work
  • Access to Dreamweavers’ Circle 

* Anyone can start here, however you might like to start working one on one first with the Ignite Package. If you’re not sure, book a consultation (above) with me. 

Return of
the Warrior Man

I am committed to making change, healing the Masculine and embody all of the Sacred Man I truly am.

AU$1777 for 3 month program for MEN

  • Foundational teachings of soul maps, rituals and practices around inner work 
  • Working through mystery teachings including living by the cycles, wounded masculine, distortion of His-tory and the patriarchy, “white thread” ancestral healing 
  • 3hrs one on one mentoring + inner work
  • Access to Dreamweavers’ Circle 

* Anyone can start here, however you might like to start working one on one first with the Ignite Package. If you’re not sure, book a consultation (above) with me. 


I know the truthseeker is there in you. This is for you if:

You are ready to listen deeply to your soul, to ACTIVATE the connection to your true self and to your gifts

You are willing to face your shadows, to embrace personal growth to TRANSFORM to a better version of you

You want to be and live more authentically, you want to INTEGRATE your awakening truths

You want to take inspired actions to EMBODY your true self and soul purpose


You might not want to do the deep soul work if:

  • You are not prepared to choose change and or want something different.


  • You are not willing to do the inner work


  • You are not open to a spiritual and heart based path to solutions


  • You are not ready to actually take actions

Sacred Group Journeys [online]

Group work

Community and connection in sacred work together. Wisdom teachings in ceremonial and group healing space:

Interactive learning alongside others in community and kinship

Collective healing and teaching; feel witnessed and supported in your journey

Embrace the power of group energy and hearing your voice and stories reflected back to you

Form a sacred circle of 2-5 of your soulseeker friends!

Find your soul tribe, grow and transform together

An online channel & community for awakening the dreamers, weavers and keepers. 

Free access for everyone. A sacred space held for soul inquiry, inspiration and deepening.

Dreamweavers’ Circle

I am devoted to transforming my life stories and weaving my sacred dreams.

AU$77 monthly energy exchange
15 day free trial. Paid version Includes:

  • Free access to all energy transmissions, ceremonies and activations on lunar dates (on IG live)
  • 25% discount on all in person or online (paid) offerings
  • Direct 1 on 1 access to Katara, twice monthly “ask a question” to get channeled energy and insights from Spirit on your question topic. 

Unfortunately there’s no skipping steps or bypassing the process. Be empowered to take responsibility for your choices and life.

If you’re feeling something move inside you but you’re still not quite sure, watch my some of my masterclasses. There are plenty of other free resources and ways we can begin to journey together.


These are the foundational elements to begin cultivating an intimate relationship with your soul and with Spirit. Whether it’s in one session or all of our time together, I believe these elements are necessary:

Being present in Sacred Space

The art of of truly being in the NOW is all we really have. Being present also means to respect what is arising now. We can allow the process of deep soul inquiry and socratic questioning to presence what we are experiencing.

Sacred space means creating a safe container able to welcome and hold the healing energies. It’s the specific time and space created to allow transformation at any level to occur.

Connecting to Nature

The truth lies within Nature, and the natural laws of the universe. We have Mother Earth all around us – the healing trees, sunshine, the elements, her loving and Feminine nurture. We invoke all of this, and work alongside Nature and what’s natural…

We learn to connect to Nature outside as pathway to our innate Nature. Understanding bit by bit, experience by experience that we are part of Nature and not seperate from it. And thus we learn the truth about our true self and nature.

Dreaming together

Dreaming is the ability to enter into altered states of consciousness… here we may visit the past, or even see glimpses of the future in hopes to help us in the present moment. 

We will dream together often, to be in realms of soul and other worlds to bring through insights, healing and energies that help us better our life. 

We learn to consciously dream in our reality too. As you uncover and embody more of your soul purpose and mission, you are re-membering your gifts to the world. This is also YOUR Dreaming (or Dream).


The scope of services provided includes Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Health Coaching. I draw upon holistic, spiritual and evidence based techniques across these disciplines, from industry and personal experience. You can read more about me here.

I mostly teach and conduct sessions online. However, if you’re in Sydney, I have regular in person group events and training which you can find here. I am open to seeing some clients in person, you can ask about that in the contact form. 

Yes. In fact, sessions over the phone or even remote (where the session is done on my end and we debrief after) can be powerful because ‘you’ get out of the way for just Spirit and the energy present. Sessions are of course different in person, as we are in physical and sacred space together, but they are not ‘better’.

Trust yourself in how it feels when you are reviewing my website /content / photos. It is absolutely conveying an energy and intention that is beyond your conscious mind.  I have often chosen to work with my own practitioners and healers simply by looking at them and trusting my intuition. I believe that choosing someone to work with is a very personal choice and it all comes down to your resonance with my message and energy. Watch my talk on Ep 5 How to Choose Your Healer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor…

The answer is “it depends”. Some issues are quite specific and acute, and one session takes care of it. However, on the past of soul discovery and personal development, many things are multi layered and you can get deeper with more sessions over time.

The soul journey isn’t a one hit session wonder (even though you may get deep insights); my greatest joy though is truly seeing someone through a transformational journey. 

There are multiple ways to journey together, you are welcome to start with one session. 

Yes. My signature program is a 12 week one on one journey of healing, teachings and soul activations. There are a few pathways even in this program depending on your area of focus. i.e. women’s mysteries, life purpose, relationship etc. 

It takes at least 90 days to form a habit. We are re-awakening, re-membering and re-claiming the truth of who you are – this 12 week program might just mark the beginning. 

One of the things I’m NOT, is dogmatic. I am a believe that we must all find and stand in our spiritual truths. Some people think that they are not spiritual; the fact is that there is a life force energy (Spirit) that animates you and so we are all spiritual beings! You may find that I bring across concepts from various traditions, and mostly I teach from the cosmology of shamanism. Shamanism is an umbrella term that refers to a vast collection of practices and beliefs, many of which have to do with divination, spirit communication and magick. It’s ancient wisdom practices found across the world on every continent, it is NOT new age. The oldest and most indigenous respected elders, healers and medicine people are Shamanic practitioners, they who live in union with Nature. and acknowledge the Spirit in all things. Shamanic practitioners enter altered states of consciousness – at will – to access non ordinary reality and Other realms to acquire knowledge, power (energy), and insights to help those who want to be helped. In my own experience of working with many many practitioners, healers, teacher – everyone CAN be spiritual, everyone CAN be shamanic but they may not work or live in this way. For me, I don’t even identify as a shamanic practitioner per se, as I find that as obvious as saying “I’m human and I’m part of Nature’.  I suggest that people can remain open to teachings, take the best, leave the rest. No two practitioners are alike, we all channel and express our unique medicine from Spirit. 

Everyone is on the soul journey! I have many new soulseekers who have never done this kind of work and are drawn to me because of my corporate and practical background. Others are healers or practitioners themselves for decades. If you’re drawn to work with me, there’s some medicine here for you and it will come through how it needs to for you. 

Results will vary is the honest answer. Energy medicine and working with Spirit will profoundly shift your relationship with self, with consciousness, with all your relations and often can be measured in both qualitative and quantitative ways before and after.

Ah. I would look at what’s most present and “charged” for you now. It might be recurring patterns in your life / thoughts / things that happen. It might be a recent unresolved situation where you feel lots of high emotion. It might be your deepest longings, desires and questions about life. 

Due to the nature of how I “work”, the healings / teachings / activations are guided by Spirit to help you for your highest good. 

You can start anywhere and there is no end.