Welcome to a journey of re-membering the Truth of who you are,
Igniting your Dreaming, and taking your place in the world.

Many truths have been hidden from you, I hope to guide you gracefully through the Awakening journey. It isn’t all fairies and rainbows, but the truth is worth every moment of the ride. Dare to dream and co-create a better world with me.

Re-membering who you are means uncovering all the parts that make up you, and loving every piece back into wholeness (=healing). Every shadow, lost piece and admired part of you.

Within a welcoming and sacred space, I co-create pathways for you to connect to your soul and help you ignite your Dreaming/Dreams. I help you activate your connection to your soul and deepest truths, so you can trust yourself in the expression of who you are and co-create your life stories. Together we connect, explore and embody what the journey to soul- centric living and following your highest destiny path means to you.

Maybe you’re in a period of great transitions and rites of passages, where you are literally going through the beginnings / endings of careers, relationships or projects. Times of emotional overwhelm, upheaval and crisis can be catalysts to change and portals into spiritual discovery. Maybe you are simply unwell, and you need help to get through.

I feel you, Truthseekers. It all felt overwhelming for me when I started questioning WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE? Especially in these challenging times now. I started questioning everything that I accepted as truth… and there began my descent into my soul and dissolution of all what I had previously accepted as truth and reality of the world around me. I went deep into the shadows, I questioned everything about my own beliefs, I realised there was a lot of things I loved and hated about myself. So began the biggest journey of Awakening… 

Live from your soul, feel like you know your place in the world.

Truly embodying your place in the world means getting to know WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU’RE HERE.

Do you… 

  • Feel you’re discovering some shifts in the ‘truth’ of the world around you? There may have been trauma and life happenings in the last couple of years; You want to make sense of it all, understand what you’re going through and shed light on what it is you’re actually ‘awakening’ to.
  • Be free from societal, cultural, or even self imposed expectations and limitations of who you should be? You are ready to uncover your true self.
  • Want to level up on your soul gifts, resolving your karmic contracts and past life wounds? You want to deepen into your healing journey. 
  • Want to live feeling free, joyful, purposeful with what you do and how you do it ? You want to understand your soul mission and influence the world around you.
  • Want to learn how to connect with Spirit, and let Nature’s rhythm, laws and cycles guide you? You are here to remember your connection to the sacred.

If you answered yes to any of the above, let me guide you into the realms of working with your soul and Spirit. Trust yourself, it’s time to be seen, be heard and be expressed fully. 

I want you to fall into the center of your soul's deepest longing and desires

I walk alongside you Sister, Brother, in solidarity, in community, hand-in-hand as we walk each other Home to our true self. Let us dream the new story for YOU and all of humanity.

Here’s to your highest destiny path this lifetime! We are but an expression of our unique and collective dreams.

I’m Katara, just another Truthseeker like you.

My vision is the co-creation of a better world in which people live free, conscious of their true nature, and in harmony and respect with all of Nature. We live in a time where many of us are disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from soul / Spirit and asleep to our divine purpose or place in the world.

We are also at a time of Great Awakening; beings are waking up to more truth and exposure to how conditioned and programmed life may have been. To be sovereign and free, is an inside job – it means one needs to ultimately be free in our mind and our soul. You are invited to live in a different way, to exit the false matrixes created around you and start co-creating the life of freedom we all deserve. I’m calling all fellow Truthseekers to awaken to their sacredness and power!

Ignite Your Dreaming

Your Dreaming is the embodiment of the truest essence of who you are. To uncover and share your gifts with the world is your highest destiny path in this lifetime.

As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny. Do you have the desire to ignite your Dreaming?

One on One work

Soul alchemy work and mentoring sessions to deep dive into awakening all parts of you

Group work

Community and connection in sacred soul work together. Wisdom teachings in ceremonial and group healing space

Self-learning online

Self-paced masterclasses or courses to explore specific topics.

Where does the path lead? Some say ‘inwards’, others might say ‘upwards’. What I do know is the path is a spiral journey, it cannot be experienced as a linear path. The more we can understand the cyclic wisdoms of the rhythms of Nature, the better we can live our sacred dreams in harmony.

Let us not be numbed, subdued and hypnotised by the modern life. We may have lost sense of our innate power and not even realise anything is wrong. You are so welcome to be exactly as you are... but this is a call to those souls who do want to awaken and find the pathways back to truth. A note to all - there will always be guides and teachers who show up in divine timing to show you the way.

Free Masterclass

The Pathway to Sacred Dreaming

Learn what the Sacred Dream is, why you’ve forgotten it and the pathways back to remembering

✧ Meet the archetype of the Soulseeker and how she shows up in you

✧ Understand how disconnection as a result of losing sense of the sacred dream

✧ Learn how shifting focus from the western worldview expands your maps of reality

✧ See what breaking out of the matrix of your life stories means

✧ Discover the pathways back to sacred dreaming

✧ Remember what living to cyclic wisdom is

✧ BONUS Shamanic journey transmission to meet a spirit guide

The ultimate answer is born with us. We are born as the answer. We embark upon the journey of soul initiation to uncover and become the answer that has been always waiting within us.