Helping You ReMember Who You Are
& Reclaim Your Sacred Power

Exploring Human Potential & Spiritual Awakening
through Song, Alchemy & Expression
For purpose seeking Truthseekers who desire to live in Soul Alignment

No one else can do "YOU", you are here for a specific purpose and role to play. The more you are in soul alignment, the more you can uncover your destiny and live radiantly. Know the truth of who you are, be radiantly you.

From the corporate 9 to 5’ers and life go-getters, to the spiritually seasoned and the stay at home mums – I help activate you on journeys of self discovery, wholing (becoming whole) and healing so that you can live in better ways and have more fulfilment in all your relationships.  I help you connect to the higher frequencies of Spirit and your cosmic team so you are supported to elevate to an even higher human potential this lifetime. In particular, we explore your Human Potential & Spiritual Awakening .
To me this means exploring your self & soul mastery to be a fuller, embodied expression of all you BE. 

Through inner world explorations, shamanic practices, soulful mentoring & counselling, you can come to greater alignment your authentic self expression AND the life you desire to create. My gift is my luminary capacity to bring light to things you just can’t quite see, to weave pieces together for you and to mirror & activate the potentials you choose. I teach you to trust your intuition and connect with your higher self. I will walk with you into the sub and superconscious realms to bring this illumination, and I will teach you how to do this for yourself. I truly want to awaken you to the truest essence of who you are and why you’re here. Hear your inner call for you to unleash your personal and creative power to unfold your destiny. 

My mission is to help you step into your light, to know your true self and live with radiance. This is a path to authentic self expression and taking your sacred place in the world. It is safe to be YOU, it is time to let all of your expression shine through with confidence and purpose. It’s time we all reclaim & remember the truths of our divine nature and magnificence. 

Awakening to moreTruth

Choosing a path to cultivate truth, wisdom and power unlocks a life of aligned purpose and presence in the world.

Do you want to… 

  • Tap into your intuitive wisdom, have clarity and confidence
  • Enhance spiritual growth
  • Expand your perspective, change your reality
  • Access hidden potentials, develop your innate gifts
  • Learn to train your vital energy to ultimately power your life
  • Nurture self-discovery, be your own self-healer
  • Cultivate inner peace, increase your vitality
  • Create a life aligned with your soul path
  • Increase your magnetism and ability to manifest
  • Connect to higher consciousness, evolve in your highest self expression 

If you answered yes to any of the above… 

Explore the reality of who you really are.

You have to be ready and willing to let go of who you think you are, in order to then reach to higher expressions of who you really are. That’s literally alchemy…

Are you in the right placE?

I’m here to help…

Soulful entrepreneurs, visionaries

Whether you work for yourself or lead a team behind you, you have a vision to bring into reality. You get the sense the mission is larger than yourself, feel it from the heart and deep to the soul. You are not afraid to keep ALIGNING to the right people, opportunities, energies and breakthroughs that will help you get there. In fact, you know you need the right team to make this all happen.

Healers, coaches, and therapists

You are constantly up-levelling your skills, you do the ‘inner work’ to keep growing and expanding. You’re needing to add some vital power to boost your own capacity, or work smarter and not harder! You want to ACTIVATE even more your impact & income in your wellness business (and possibly life in general).  

The awakening Modern day wo/man

You are B-U-S-Y, driven and might even be running yourself a bit to the ground. You probably deserve a retreat and take rest (but might need to power through anyway) You are pragmatic, a critical thinking but curious and enjoy deep & meaningful conversations. You want to AWAKEN to a more purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful life day to day.

Lightworkers, the spiritually evolving

You are already on the path of service, and working with Spirit / Spirit Team, energies of this world and others, and/or divination & channelling. You cultivate your inner light, you want to AMPLIFY your light and power so that you are magnetic to those who need you. You desire to anchor in more light, so that you have more capacity and ability to hold more space for others with integrity and clarity.

If you resonate with any or several of the above, you’re in the right place. You feel a calling deep within you, it’s beyond just a commitment, you have a knowing you’re born to be, express and create in a soul-aligned way. Welcome home…

I’m Katara, a Truthseeker like you.

My vision is the co-creation of a better world in for ourselves and generations to come. I wish for all of us to embody and express our potential, live in harmony and alignment on the highest destiny path of evolution. We live in a time where many of us are disconnected from ourselves, from soul / Spirit and asleep to our power, divine purpose + place in the world.

I believe that aligning the way we live, play and create in accordance to the Universal Laws can help us find true joy and fulfilment.  We can activate more personal truths, love and wisdom. Perhaps this is the time now many are realising how conditioning and programming our lives may have been. You are invited to choose live in a different way, to exit the limiting control matrices around you. You have to choose take self responsibility if you choose to evolve, take inspired action and actually co-create the life you call in. 


The very power to turn your dreams into reality lie within you already, you can have access to it.

Dare to dream, live with intention and watch as the world responds to your unwavering commitment to embracing your purpose and shaping a life that is uniquely yours.

Work with Me 1 on 1

We go on a journey of soul exploration. You can choose to begin with a single session or bespoke transformation programs designed to help you step into your light and activate your natural gifts. 

Listen to the Podcast

Awakening Dragons is about re-membering  and embodying our multidimensional true nature. Tune into cosmic vibes with Katara and guests as they share stories and weave energies to awaken and activate.

Awakening Dragons

An online course for Lightworkers, practitioners and healers to Amplify their Energy & Light through QiGong (Energy training) and Light Language Activations. 

The self discovery path is a spiral journey, it cannot be experienced as a linear path. The more we can understand the universal laws, the more we can be intender and observer of why and how things are the way they are.

Unlock the extraordinary possibilities that are available to you.

Free Masterclass

The Pathway to Sacred Dreaming

Learn what the Sacred Dream is, why you’ve forgotten it and the pathways back to remembering

✧ Meet the archetype of the Soulseeker and how she shows up in you

✧ Understand how disconnection as a result of losing sense of the sacred dream

✧ Learn how shifting focus from the western worldview expands your maps of reality

✧ See what breaking out of the matrix of your life stories means

✧ Discover the pathways back to sacred dreaming

✧ Remember what living to cyclic wisdom is

✧ BONUS Shamanic journey transmission to meet a spirit guide

The ultimate answer is born with us. We are born as the answer. We embark upon the journey of soul initiation to uncover and become the answer that has been always waiting within us.