I help leaders, truthseekers, & change-makers to live a life of Radiance so they can create their greatest impact + influence while being their truest self.

Your highest destiny and greatest potential is your Radiance. 
Go from being a tiny glow to the magnanimous light you really are.

be the light, shine bright. anything in the way of that is what we 'work on.' people, patterns, and the past may be dimming your light, limiting you from being the most that you can be.

As a luminary alchemist, I’m literally here to shine light into the darkest corners of your life and facilitate the inner transformation. I will show you the things you can’t see, peer into your shadows, walk into the sub and superconscious realms to help illuminate you from inside out.

From the corporate 9 to 5’ers and life go-getters, to the spiritually seasoned and the revolutionaries of today – I bring the deeper insights, healings and breakthroughs needed for you to simply “be a better version of you”. If you want to be the best you (in ANY context and occasion) that means, you need to keep evolving and elevating. Most of you will already know that this is an inside job. 

I am a spaceholder in co-creating healing spaces and places for people.
My mission as a lightworker is to help others amplify their Radiance and uncover how their magick can shine even more for the world. In being your truest self, you can create the greatest impact and influence. In our Radiance, we collectively elevate and expand the collective consciousness of the planet.

Feel the freedom to be simply you.

This means being the most authentic, true, and aligned version of you, trusting yourself and your place in the world. 

Do you… 

  • Be free from societal, cultural, or even self imposed expectations and limitations of who you should be? You are ready to uncover more of your true self.
  • Want to level up on your soul gifts, resolving your karmic contracts and past life wounds? You are ready to release old patterns and all that is in the way of embodying your authentic self.
  • Want to live feeling free, joyful, purposeful with what you do and how you do it ? You want to understand your soul mission and influence the world around you.
  • Want to learn how to develop and harness your intuitive abilities, live to Nature’s rhythms, laws and cycles again? You are here to remember your connection to the sacred and to your higher self.

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to shine. 

I want you to ask if you have that little feeling of 'there's got to be more!'

In whichever aspect of your life you are feeling this, let’s explore it, go deeper. We have forgotten to listen to the voice within, the gut feelings and trusting ourself… 

Much of your Radiance is simply tucked away, lost or misplaced. We are on a recovery, remembering and reconnection journey to reclaim ourselves.

I’m Katara, a Truthseeker like you.

My vision is the co-creation of a better world in which people live free, conscious of their true nature, and in harmony and respect with all of Nature. We live in a time where many of us are disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from soul / Spirit and asleep to our Radiance – our divine purpose or place in the world.

We are also at a time of Great Awakening; beings are waking up to more truth and exposure to how conditioned and programmed life may have been. To be sovereign and free, is an inside job – it means one needs to ultimately be free in our mind and our soul. You are invited to live in a different way, to exit the light and life limiting matrixes created around you and start co-creating the life of freedom we all deserve. I’m calling all fellow Truthseekers to awaken to their sacredness and Radiance!

Ignite Your Radiance

We can just 'shed some light' on anything that limits us from being our truest and fullest self.

Shedding light is simply providing more information, of course you can't see it until you see it! That's why say things are hidden in the shadows. You might not be able to put a finger on it because it's in the subconscious. Let's go a few layers, dimensions deeper to see what's beneath the surface.

One on One work

Personalised work together to deep dive into awakening all parts of you.

Group work

Community and connection in sacred soul work together. Wisdom teachings in ceremonial and group healing space

Free Resources

Meditation and shamanic journeys recorded from live energy transmissions. 

The self discovery path is a spiral journey, it cannot be experienced as a linear path. The more we can understand the cyclic rhythms and wisdoms of Nature, the more we can experience sacred time instead.

If it's time to take out the skeletons in the closet, address the elephants in the room and bring more light into your life, what are you waiting for?

Free Masterclass

The Pathway to Sacred Dreaming

Learn what the Sacred Dream is, why you’ve forgotten it and the pathways back to remembering

✧ Meet the archetype of the Soulseeker and how she shows up in you

✧ Understand how disconnection as a result of losing sense of the sacred dream

✧ Learn how shifting focus from the western worldview expands your maps of reality

✧ See what breaking out of the matrix of your life stories means

✧ Discover the pathways back to sacred dreaming

✧ Remember what living to cyclic wisdom is

✧ BONUS Shamanic journey transmission to meet a spirit guide

The ultimate answer is born with us. We are born as the answer. We embark upon the journey of soul initiation to uncover and become the answer that has been always waiting within us.