Each one of us has a place and purpose in the collective sacred dream. It’s our soulseeking journey to uncover and express our magick
& claim our place of belonging. 

“The sacred dream is the one that guides planets across the heavens and our human destiny here on earth.” – Alberto Villoldo.

I feel you, Soulseekers – you know you are on some mysterious journey and you’re looking for the clear path.

Within the sacredness of a safe and healing space, I co-create pathways for you to connect to your soul and to Spirit. I offer therapeutic soul work and mentoring to help you connect with your soul’s deepest longings, so that you can trust yourself in the expression of your sacred dreams and co-creation of your life stories. Together we connect, explore and embody what the journey to purposeful soul living and following your highest destiny path means to you.

Which story do you recognise yourself in, Soulseeker?

I find that there are more obvious times when the soul is really pulling at us. Often these are the stories around periods of great transitions and rites of passages, where you are literally going through the beginning / endings of careers, relationships or projects. Times of emotional overwhelm, upheaval and crisis. And the path of spiritual discovery.

Are you…

  •  Contemplating your sense of identity, asking “who am I” and feeling a loss or confusion of identity?
  • Finding it hard to understand why something is happening and re-happening again, old wounds, shadows or patterns haunting you?
  • Feeling consumed by societal, cultural, and self imposed expectations of who you should be?
  • Numbing yourself of emotions (or life) because it’s become ‘too much’ to bear?
  • Wanting more meaning in life and trying out new ways to ‘figure life out’ without falling into dogma or absolutes?
  • Ready to connect with your soul, higher self or uncover your spiritual gifts?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this is the inner yearning of your soul. Let me help you get a higher but deeper perspective so you don’t have to stay lost in your stories. Trust your soul wanting to express itself, be understood and be heard.

Remember who you are, you can and we will dream again together.

I want you to fall into the center of your longing and deepest descent into your highest destiny and best version of your human experience. We are but an expression of our unique and collective dreams. I got intimate, hairy, deep in the trenches of soulful communion… I invite you to do the same.

I walk alongside you Sister, Brother, in solidarity, in community hand-in-hand as we walk each other Home to our true self. Let us dream the new story for YOU and all of humanity.

I’m Katara, just another Soulseeker like you.

My vision is the co-creation of a better world in which people live consciously and in harmony with their true self and all of Nature. We live in a time where many of us are disconnected from ourselves, disconnected to the sacred dream and asleep to our divine purpose or place in the world.

We are also at a time of Great Awakening. We are in the time where the co-creation of the New Earth is happening. And we are in divine timing to accept the invitation to live in a different way, a chance to completely recalibrate what it means to be who we are. I have accepted this call to remember who I truly am. And with every cell in my body, I now emanate the same call out to all Soulseekers:

uncover your sacred dreams

You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.

I invite you to notice if your story is the sacred dream already. But if you’re daydreaming, in a waking nightmare or fast asleep, there are pathways back to living in a soulful communion so you can live in wholeness, wellness, and even wildness.

One on One work

Therapeutic soul work and mentoring sessions to deep dive into your life stories

Group Work

Community and connection in sacred circle work, wisdom teachings and storytelling in ceremonial and healing space


Self-paced masterclasses or courses to explore specific sacred topics.

Where does the path lead? Some say ‘inwards’, others might say ‘upwards’. What I do know is the path is a spiral journey, it cannot be experienced as a linear path. The more we can understand the wisdoms of the cyclic way of Nature, the better we can live our sacred dreams in harmony.

Let us not be numbed, subdued and hypnotized by the modern life. We have lost sense of our innate power and pathways to navigate back to an intimate relationship with our soul and connection with Spirit. But there are always guides who show up to help you remember what you need.

Free Masterclass

The Path to Sacred Dreaming

Learn what the Sacred Dream is, why you’ve forgotten it and the pathways back to remembering.

✧ The archetype of the Soulseeker and how she shows up in you
✧ Understand disconnection as a result of losing sense of the sacred dream
✧ How shifting focus from the western worldview expands your maps of reality
✧ What breaking out of the matrix of your life stories means
✧ Learn the pathways back to sacred dreaming
✧ Remember what living to cyclic wisdom is
✧ BONUS Shamanic journey transmission to meet a spirit guide
✧ Sacred circle share + Q&A

You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep.